Navigating the complexities of payroll and workers’ comp management is a common challenge for businesses. Traditional methods often involve estimating costs, leading to inaccuracies. However, with the introduction of PayGo, businesses now have a practical solution that offers transparency, accuracy, and efficiency in payroll reporting and billing.

What is PayGo?

PayGo is a payroll management system that allows businesses to pay insurance premiums based on actual wages, rather than estimates. Unlike traditional billing methods, which rely on projected payroll figures, PayGo calculates premiums in real-time, providing businesses with a clear and accurate overview of their insurance costs.

How Does PayGo Work?

On a per-payroll basis, clients forward their finalized payroll data to the provider, who then calculates insurance premiums based on actual wages earned by employees. This eliminates the need for estimations and ensures that businesses only pay for the coverage they use, leading to improved cash flow management and minimized year-end audits.

Key Benefits of PayGo:

  1. Accuracy: By billing based on actual wages, PayGo provides businesses with precise insurance costs, eliminating the guesswork and potential discrepancies associated with estimated billing methods.
  2. Transparency: PayGo offers transparency in financial transactions, allowing businesses to see exactly how their insurance premiums are calculated and ensuring accountability in payroll management.
  3. Efficiency: With PayGo, businesses can streamline payroll reporting and data management processes, saving time and resources that can be allocated to other core business activities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: How does PayGo benefit businesses in terms of cash flow management?
A: PayGo calculates insurance premiums based on actual wages, providing businesses with a clear understanding of their insurance costs and eliminating the need for large upfront payments based on estimates. This helps improve cash flow management by allowing businesses to pay for insurance coverage as they use it, rather than in lump sums.

Q: Is PayGo compatible with different payroll systems?
A: Yes, PayGo is designed to integrate seamlessly with various payroll systems, making it accessible and adaptable for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Q: Does PayGo offer any additional services or features?
A: In addition to accurate billing based on actual wages, PayGo is often paired with comprehensive loss prevention and claims management services, providing businesses with a holistic approach to risk management.


In summary, PayGo offers businesses a practical solution for efficient payroll management, providing transparency, accuracy, and flexibility in insurance billing. By embracing PayGo, businesses can streamline operations, improve cash flow management, and gain greater control over their insurance costs. Explore the possibilities with PayGo and unlock the benefits of accurate and efficient payroll reporting today.

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Explore Paygo: A Revolution in Workers Compensation! Paygo offers standalone policies with a unique billing method – invoicing based on actual wages, not estimates. Experience improved cash flow efficiency and eliminate year-end audits. Discover the future of workers compensation with HRD Markets!

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