Hard-to-place workers’ comp insurance is a type of coverage that is typically provided to businesses that have difficulty obtaining standard workers’ compensation insurance due to a high level of risk associated with their operations. This type of insurance is often sought by businesses that employ workers in high-risk occupations, such as construction, roofing, or logging, or by businesses with a history of frequent workers’ compensation claims.

Hard-to-place workers’ compensation insurance policies typically come with higher premiums and more restrictive terms and conditions than standard workers’ compensation insurance policies. Insurance companies may require businesses to implement safety measures, such as providing additional training or using specific equipment, to mitigate risks and reduce the likelihood of workplace injuries.

The purpose of hard-to-place workers’ compensation insurance is to provide coverage for businesses that may otherwise struggle to obtain insurance or face significant financial hardship if they are unable to secure coverage.


HRD Markets helps independent insurance agents turn hard-to-place workers’ comp opportunities into easy money. Send us your workers’ comp submission and we’ll get started:

  1. We shop the PEO markets and return a competitive quote to you.
  2. We provide sales assistance, onboard your client, and service the account.
  3. You start collecting commissions as the agent/ broker of record.

When you place a client with a PEO through HRD Markets, you’ll enjoy residual commissions and be able to service your clients for years to come.

PEOs Bring Big Benefits to Small Businesses

HRD Markets offers niche PEO solutions that can provide significant benefits to small- and midsized business owners, including higher success and retention rates and access to best-in-class benefits for employees. Additionally, HRD Markets can help agents and brokers find a PEO solution that could potentially save their clients up to 40% on workers’ comp premiums. With their sales assistance, agents can close the deal, onboard their clients, and become the broker of record, allowing them to start collecting commissions while HRD Markets continues to service the account.


Despite some insurance agents viewing Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) as competition, top earners have discovered the advantages of utilizing a PEO. These agents are investing more time in prospecting and less time placing challenging workers’ comp. By searching for the best clients for a PEO, these agents know that hard-to-place workers’ compensation can lead to easy money. One strategy is to take a prospect that does not fit into a standard workers’ comp market, submit an application to Tailored Solutions, and let them handle the quoting, selling, onboarding, and servicing of that account. This approach can lead to increased earnings for agents. For those interested in learning more about PEOs, HRD Markets offers a guide on how PEOs work and the benefits they bring to business owners.

What is Human Resources Development?

Human Resource Development (HRD) refers to the process of developing the knowledge, skills, and abilities of employees in an organization. The goal is to create a workforce that is able to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing business environment.

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