In the ever-evolving landscape of Workers’ Comp insurance technology, HRD Markets stands at the forefront, introducing innovative tools like ‘Quote Online’ to empower insurance agents.

The Seamless Process: Quoting Made Easy

At HRD Markets, we prioritize simplicity without compromising accuracy. Our online rating tool streamlines the quoting and binding process, offering insurance agents a hassle-free experience. Here’s how it works:

  • Start a submission and rate online: Initiate the process effortlessly through our user-friendly platform.
  • Get final approval: Benefit from a swift and straightforward approval process.
  • Enroll your client online easily: Seal the deal seamlessly by enrolling your clients online with just a few clicks.

What Sets Us Apart: Comprehensive Solutions for Insurance Agents

Our commitment extends beyond providing a convenient online platform. We offer a range of solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of insurance agents, ensuring a comprehensive experience. With HRD Markets, you gain access to:

  • Pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation: Experience flexibility and convenience with our innovative pay-as-you-go model.
  • HR and compliance support: Navigate the complexities of HR and compliance effortlessly with our expert guidance.
  • Payroll processing: Simplify payroll operations and save time with our efficient payroll processing services.
  • Tax filing: Stay compliant with seamless tax filing solutions.
  • EPLI: Elevate your protection with Employment Practices Liability Insurance.
  • ACA compliant health benefits: Ensure your clients have access to compliant and comprehensive health benefits.

An Alternative Market for Workers’ Comp: Explore the PEO Advantage

In response to the evolving needs of businesses, HRD Markets introduces an alternative market for workers’ compensation: the PEO (Professional Employer Organization) market.

Many businesses face challenges such as being new to the industry, having high MOD rates, experiencing lapses in coverage, or encountering other eligibility issues. HRD Markets, in collaboration with PEOs, addresses these challenges by offering pay-as-you-go workers’ comp combined with payroll and a spectrum of employee-administration services.

Benefits of the PEO Partnership:

  • Cost Savings: Clients can save up to 30% on workers’ comp with a PEO arrangement.
  • Reduced Administration Costs: Businesses utilizing PEOs experience reduced HR administration costs.
  • Lower Employee Turnover: PEO partners contribute to a significant reduction in costly employee turnover.
  • Increased Stability: PEO partners are 50% less likely to fail compared to their non-PEO counterparts.

A Win-Win for Agents: Competitive Commissions and Client Retention

As an insurance agent partnering with HRD Markets, you not only provide valuable solutions to your clients but also unlock benefits for yourself. When you refer your clients to a PEO partnership, you enjoy:

  • Competitive, Ongoing Commissions: Benefit from competitive and continuous commissions without diminishing returns.
  • Broker of Record Status: Maintain your position as the broker of record for as long as your client remains in a PEO relationship.

Client Satisfaction Guaranteed:

  • High Recommendation Rates: 98% of business owners who are PEO clients would recommend a PEO to their peers.

Revolutionize your workers’ comp experience and join HRD Markets in reshaping the future of insurance. Get started with our online quoting and binding tool today!

In our introductory video, discover how HRD Markets provides insurance professionals and brokers with real solutions!

As a Licensed Wholesaler, we offer bundled solutions—audit-free workers’ comp, no-cost payroll, and more. Sales assistance and onboarding are handled for you.

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Human Resource Development (HRD) refers to the process of developing the knowledge, skills, and abilities of employees in an organization. The goal is to create a workforce that is able to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing business environment.

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